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Air-conditioning - single room (split system in office)

An energy-efficient air-conditioning unit will give your home or office the perfect indoor climate all year round.  A single room or split system air-conditioning system heats, cools and ventilates effectively, and quietly, to make sure you and your family or team are kept comfortable whatever the weather outside.

A split system air-conditioner has two parts – an internal and an external unit.  The internal unit can be wall, floor or ceiling mounted, depending on what is most appropriate for your property, while the external unit, also known as the condenser, is situated outside the building and connected to the indoor fan coil using copper piping.  The internal unit provides cooling or heating as required, and the condenser removes the heat from the room and dissipates it outside, along with any condensation that has built-up in the system.

Compared to a portable system, a professionally installed split system air-conditioner is not only more powerful and effective, it can be cheaper and quieter to run.  Additionally, because it can offer heating and cooling cycles, it can do the job of two separate, more expensive units, and provide significantly more energy output than it costs to run it.

At Climate Control Services, we understand that cost-effectiveness can be one of the key considerations for you when choosing the best air-conditioning system for your property, which is why we work to make sure you understand the installation, maintenance and running cost of any system we recommend to you.  We will also do our best to advise you on how to care for your unit to ensure it runs at its best all year round.

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