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Air-conditioning - VRV multi-room air-conditioning unit

Climate Control Services can design, install and maintain VRV Multi-room Air-Conditioning Systems for residential, office and industrial properties.  These intelligently designed, highly efficient heating and cooling systems allow multiple indoor units to operate from a single outdoor unit, reducing installation space and running costs.

An energy-efficient multi-room air-conditioning system heats, cools and ventilates effectively, and quietly, to make sure your whole building is kept comfortable and happy.  A VRV (Variable Refrigerant Volume) or VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) multi-room air-conditioning system allows the individual internal units to control their own flow and volume of the refrigerant.  That means that internal units of all different capacities and configurations can be run from a single external condensing unit and each can have their own zone temperature control.

There are several different types of internal units, which can be tailored on a room-by-room basis to suit your needs.  The internal units can be wall, floor or ceiling mounted, depending on your individual room requirements and because of the independent climate controls, every room is kept at the right temperature for its inhabitants – as long as they can all agree!

There are so many considerations to take into account when designing a complex VRV system, but by choosing to work with the experts at Climate Control Services, you can be sure that we will design the best possible system to suit all of your requirements.  Whether your priorities are comfort, affordability, or the environment, we will do our best to create an installation that exceeds your expectations.

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Why Use Climate Control Services?

We are known for providing our customers with the highest possible level of care, service and professionalism.  Our goal is always that our customers will be happy to recommend us to others.  You can be confident that the work we carry out is supported by a comprehensive after sales and warranty service.  As a responsible contractor, all installation and maintenance work is carried out by our own highly trained engineers, not sub-contractors.

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